In our training and lessons we only use the high quality Ástund Saddle.  You are welcome to try our saddles to find out which one you like the most. 



Ástund has been making saddles for more than two decades. Many of the leading horse trainers use Ástund saddles in their profession and have done so for many years. Ástund works in close cooperation with professional trainers and riding instructors, who have therefore influenced the development of the saddles.

From the beginning Ástund's main emphasis and utmost ambition has always been to make horse friendly saddles, which are suitable for all aspects of horse riding.

The Ástund saddles are all made on a flexible spring tree, which supplies normal suspense and pliability, distributing the rider's weight evenly on the horse's back.

The leather is strong and the entire material used in the saddles is of highest quality.

The panels are flocked with pure wool, which further increases the distribution of weight upon the horse's back. Remember that the saddle itself functions as a shock absorber between man and horse.

The Ástund saddles are made in different widths, according to the wishes and needs of each individual. The saddles are made
with long and short girth straps, and with or without fans. Some of the models are equipped with a gearbox to adjust the position of the stirrup leathers, all dependent on the rider's needs.

The Ástund workshop offers full services for saddles and tack. Within Ástund, there are professionals who have studied "saddle fitting" in England. 

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