It is often said that the best teacher is the horse you ride. We totally agree on that and therefore we have decided to give our students who come for lessons to us the chance to ride our competition horses in a lesson with Ísólfur Líndal.  "To get the right feeling you got to try the feeling"

Here are example of the horses we have as teachers when visiting Sindrastaði for lesson on our horses:



Daníel frá Vatsnleysu, many successfull competitions in Tölt, four gate and is Icelandic Champion in childrens class in dressage (Fimi) 2018 and 2019.



Viljar frá Skjólbrekku, Icelandic Champion in teenagers class in 100 m. pace 2018 and 2019 so if you want to ride on pace, this guy might teach you.




Sabrína frá Fornusöndum is one of our five gated horses who are young and promising. 



Ármey frá Selfossi is a powerful first prize four gated mare (8,19 for ridden abilities) 



Návist frá Lækjamóti has an excellent breeding evaluation (total 8,33) and good five gate result in competition. 


Björk frá Lækjamóti has excellent tölt  and was 2019 in second place in T2 in Icelandic Championship. 



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