"It is a privilege to experience the training of the horses at Sindrastadir and to get the opportunity to ride very well trained high quality horses. Ísólfur is an excellent educator for Icelandic horse riders and I bring home a lot of knowledge I will use in my daily training" (Linda Kraft) 


At Sindrastadir we offer varied service that include lessons on well-trained horses. All lessons are private and designed to meet individual needs in which you get a new experience that will help you improve your skills as a rider. It does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced rider. You are welcome.

All facilities are excellent and include a stable with 31 box/stalls, a 20x60 m riding arena and an Aqua trainer and shower for the horses. There is a classroom where you can have coffee and lunch with a view both out on field where horses are and inside the riding arena. 


-lessons on a well trained horses at Sindrastadir. Each lesson is 40-50 min. 

- We only use high quality saddles from Ástund for our horses and students, you can try different type of saddle and find out what fits you best. For example, Wakanda, Iceland, Epona, Zenophone? 



Ísólfur Líndal is in charge of teaching. He has many years of experience in teaching people around the world the magic of our Icelandic horse.

Ísólfur Líndal giving a lesson at Sindrastadir 


to see a short introduction of Sindrastadir click on this link:

Sindrastadir trailer



Here below you can see some pictures of some of our guests at a clinic in Sindrastadir: 

Kerstin riding Stygg frá Akureyri 


Linda riding Ísey frá Lækjamóti a young and powerful 1.prize mare


Marianne training Orrusta frá Lækjamóti 


On our Mountain 


Gunilla rewarding Stygg frá Akureyri after a good pace sprint. 



When training our horses and giving lessons we only use high quality saddles from Ástund. You can also come to us and try all of these saddles if you are looking for what saddle you like the most. 



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