At Sindrastadir we have our own horses and horses for our customers. We also take care of all upbringing and training. We show horses in breeding shows and compete. If you have a horse in Iceland and want to have it professionally handled and trained, please send us an email to get more information.

When the foals are born we go to them to have a look and want to be able to touch them little bit. After that we try to handle them as little as possible for the first two years in their lives.  We just allow them to be free in the herd and develop their skills as horses.



In the autumn before they turn 3 years old we get them inside for few days, teach them some basic ground work in a round pen and prepare them for their future training.


In the Autumn before they turn four years old we start their full training. 


All our horses learn the same basics. It often takes just a short time to train a horse's mind, but it can take many years to train the muscles and prepare horses properly for full riding and advanced training for competitions. If we give them the time they need, we get a better and healthier horse which we can enjoy for many years.



Aqua training: We offer service for horses in Aqua training both as extra training for healthy horses and as rehabilitation after injuries. If a horse gets injured, it can help to have it recover using Aqua training and on a vibration floor. All programs are individually made after consulting with Dr. Susanne Braun.



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